The Underwater Surveys Inland division specialises in inland hydrographic surveys and the related spectrum of engineering surveys. Our survey fleet includes hand-carried unmanned survey boats and trailer-borne manned boats.

  • Inland Hydrographic Surveys using Singlebeam and or high resolution Multibeam echosounding
  • Sedimentation Surveys in Dams, Barrages and Rivers
  • Capacity Surveys of Reservoirs/Dams to update Area/Capacity Tables and Curves



  • Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) Bathymetric Pool Surveys using Unmanned Survey Vessel (USV)



  • Large Dam Plunge Pool Surveys 



  • Determining Lowest Outlet, Heel, Full Supply Level (FSL), Operating Level, Non-Overspill Crest (NOC) and Freeboard of Reservoirs/Dams
  • Detailed Dam Wall Survey as required in terms of the Dam Safety Legislation
  • River Profiling for Hydrological Studies



  • Drainage Survey
  • Bathymetric Surveys for Aids to Navigation & Demarcation on Inland waters
  • Shallow Water Geophysical Survey
  • Locality Maps for Prospecting Rights applications
  • Locality Maps for Mining Permit Applications


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